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About us

CAL - Câmara Agrícola Lusófona (Chamber of Agriculture for Portuguese speaking countries) is a non-profit association for promotion and dissemination of agribusiness. CAL’s main focus is on Portuguese speaking countries, Angola, Brasil, Cape Verde, Guiné-Bissau, Guiné Equatorial, Moçambique, São Tomé e Príncipe and Timor Leste.
CAL is a global business platform where organizations and companies can establish profitable partnerships for internationalization, innovation and entrepreneurship. CAL is a recognized association by the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Sea and by CPLP-Portuguese Speaking Countries commonwealth.

CAL is a member of the Business Confederation of CPLP and hosts, on a provisional base, the Secretary of the Private Sector Mechanism for Food and Nutritional Security Council of CPLP.


“Support Agribusiness in CPLP”

The agri-food sector in CPLP commonwealth is the focus of a serious and constructive debate by its main stakeholders: entrepreneurs, professional association’s leaders, funding and political decision makers. The main focus is to reinforce agri-food sector contribution in the economic relations of CPLP countries.
The aim of CPLP Agrofórum is to highlight the existing business opportunities with the presentation of past experiences and lessons learned. The event is simultaneously supported by CPLP and its Business Confederation under the motto “Support Agribusiness in CPLP”. A common strategy for food and nutritional security of CPLP and the construction of a Private Sector Mechanism for the participation of private enterprise in food and nutrition strategy are desirable outcomes of this event.

In this context, the CAL - Câmara Agrícola Lusófona (Chamber of Agriculture for Portuguese speaking countries) receives the honourable support of the Portuguese Republic President, the Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development Ministry; and the Executive Secretary of CPLP.
The event counts with the presence of over 1200 companies, national and international agencies, and foreign affairs representatives. Agribusiness relations in the wide context of CPLP presents unique challenges, not only derived from socio-agro-climatic diversity. In fact, the coexistence of several farming systems encompassing models based on small family businesses to industrialized farming introduces a diversity of rationales and farm sizes in the debate. While small size family businesses are mainly concerned with food security and nutrition at the family and local levels, industrial farms target world market supply. Nonetheless, there is a high potential for growth in business relations among CPLP members either by enhancing the existing organizations with technological and management advice, or by supporting the sustainable intensification of land use.
CPLP is a supranational platform where agribusiness assumes unique characteristics, but is also united by common points. Those must be taken into account when designing common strategies. In face of that we consider important to pinpoint the debate upon the opportunities for agribusiness within CPLP. Agrofórum is a step in that direction, an incentive to common relations within CPLP, and from CPLP with other countries, establishing Portugal as a common key partner.
Agri-food business sector is a priority for CPLP, with profitable investment opportunities still underdeveloped. We want to bring the attention of entrepreneurs, professional association’s leaders, and other stakeholders to such opportunities by providing a common platform to share recommendations rooted on experience, knowledge, and disseminate positive results in order to reach feasible solutions. Simultaneously, and having in mind the Strategy for Food Security and Nutrition of CPLP and the Stakeholder Platform for its implementation (CONSAN- CPLP), we want to establish a pathway for the creation of a Private Sector Mechanism to facilitate the participation of companies in that Strategy.

The 1st Agrofórum of CPLP aims to focus the debate on agribusiness opportunities within a food security and nutrition strategy in CPLP.


28th of October

8h15- Participants’ Registration
8h30- Arrivals of the Guests of Honour Opening Session
8h45- Opening Session

Opening Address: José Medina Lobato Secretary General of CE-CPLP

Guests of Honour

Portuguese Minister of Agriculture, Forests and Rural Development, Capoulas Santos

Executive Secretary of the CPLP, Ambassador Murade Murargy

President of AICEP, Miguel Frasquilho

President of the Foundation AIP, Rocha de Matos

President of CAL, Jorge Correia Santos

President of CE-CPLP, Salimo Abdula

9h00- Main Session

⦿ Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group, and former Minister of Agriculture for the Federal Government of Nigeria

⦿ Ana Saez, Facilitation Mechanism of Private Sector Participation in the World Consulting Council for Food Security of the United Nations

9h30- 1st Session: The Agribusiness in the CPLP

⦿ Hélder Muteia, FAO The role of oil seeds in the agri-food development of the African Portuguese Speaking Countries

⦿ Francisco Silva, Confagri

⦿ José Pinheiro, MCM A consortium for the production of cotton in Mozambique

⦿ Mario Seixas, Embrapa The largest agriculture research company of CPLP

⦿ José Cortez Pereira, Agripalma Mozambique’s poultry production potential

⦿ Ana Soeiro, Qualifica The importance of Geographical Indications of traditional foodstuffs from the CPLP to conquer new market niches

Moderator: Celso Filipe Jornal de Negócios


10h50- Coffee Break

11h00- 2nd Session, the Private Sector Importance in the CPLP

⦿ Duarte Faria, FRULACT Internationalizing the fruit based preparations’ industry in Africa

⦿ João Macedo, AGROLIDER A leading project in Angola in the production of livestock, fruits and vegetables

⦿ João Cannas da Silva, ULHT Angola a sleeping giant in agriculture and livestock production

⦿ Luiz Cornacchioni,ABAG The importance of agribusiness in CPLP and the role of Brazil as a leader in agricultural production and know-how

⦿ Amihaz Lustig, LR Group Supporting the agribusiness development in Africa

⦿ Agnelo Gomes, Gomes & Gomes - Guiné-Bissau

Moderator: Filipe Morais Dinheiro Vivo


13h00- Lunch

14h00- 3rd Session: Opportunities and Constraints within the CPLP

⦿ Martins da Cruz, former Minister of Foreign Affairs The mobility of people, goods, services and capitals within the CPLP

⦿ Peter Andreas Gouws, Bananalândia Exporting banana from Mozambique to the world

⦿ António do Rosário, Mozambique Commodities Exchange’s CEO The Commodities Exchange as an instrument for agricultural development

⦿ Joana Bravo, SOFID

⦿ Pedro Alves, CAL

⦿ Pedro Jorge Silva, ADAPI

Moderator: Ana Ramos TSF


15h50- Coffee Break

16h10- 4th Session: Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Funding – New Approaches and Solutions

⦿ José Fernando de Figueiredo, IFD Projects’ financing instruments

⦿ Carlos Coelho, Ivity Brand The importance of brands in agri-food sector

⦿ Luis Mira Amaral, Fórum para Competitividade The challenges of project finance within the CPLP

⦿ Filipe Ravara Caixa Geral de Depósitos

⦿ António Souto, CEO of Gapi New financing models for the development of agri-food sector

⦿ Mariola Bindang Obiang, President of Holding Equatorial Guinea Holding Guinea Equatorial 2020: ”Holding G.E.”

Moderator: Isabel Martins, Vida Rural


17h30- Closing Session – Guests of Honour

Executive Secretary CPLP, Embaixador Murade Murargy

Secretário de Estado da Indústria, João Vasconcelos

President of the Business Confederation of the CPLP, Salimo Abdula

President of CAL, Jorge Santos

18h15- Signature of institutional protocols and presentation of the Forum’s Final Declaration
18h30- Contacts Exchange
18h45- Press Conference, Tasting and Showcase Portuguese Speaking Countries’ agri-food products


1st Session
“The Agribusiness in CPLP”

Main objective– To define the opportunities for value creation within agribusiness partnerships in CPLP. Within the existing institutional framework, support knowledge transfer and dissemination of positive experiences.

2nd Session
“The Private Initiative’s importance in CPLP”

Main objective– To introduce the importance of private sector participation in the social and economic development of CPLP. Practical examples of successful agribusiness projects.

3rd Session
“Opportunities and Constraints within the CPLP”

Main objective– To discuss the opportunities, risks, and constraints for agribusiness within CPLP: possible solutions and viable strategies for success.

4th Session
“Entrepreneurship, marketing, and funding – New approaches and solutions”

Main objective– To disseminate practical tools and strategic approaches for funding agribusiness initiatives in Portuguese speaking countries.

Introduction to the Agri-food Committee of CE-CPLP

Main objective– To propose solutions, new approaches and agreements within the Business Confederation of CPLP, through the official empowerment of the new Agri-food Committee of CE-CPLP, under CAL leadership, and introduction of its individual members.



registrations closed

Tel: +351 213 018 426


FIL – Main Conference Room - Grande auditório Parque das Nações, Lisboa

Parque das Nações was an area rebuilt for EXPO 98 event. FIL is an area of 100 thousand m2 for hosting exhibitions and fairs (43 thousand m2 covered space). FIL has four separated covered areas with 10368 m2 each. These pavilions are climatised, equipped with fire detection and emergency systems. FIL has two main entrances: the Northern Entrance, next to «Praça SONY», and the Southern Entrance, next to «Pavilhão Atlântico», also known as the «Grande Hall». Each of these entrances is equipped with reception desks for guest accreditation. At the «Grande Hall» you will find Support Offices for the general public and for exhibitors, the financial desk, «Rádio Táxi» desk and a medical assistance office. In the vicinity of FIL you will also find a walking area along the 320 m of the top sides of the pavilions. Between the pavilions there is a set of mechanical stairs. Each pavilion has an independent entrance allowing independent events to be held simultaneously. FIL is the main exhibition area in Portugal equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.